Polkadot Buildathon: India

Polkadot Buildathon: India

This India-focused hackathon is a 9-week online event that provides great opportunities to learn how to build a blockchain, join a talented, global community and show off your talent as a developer!

Stand a chance to win from a pool of $14,000!

Idea submission deadline: 24th Apr
Facebook F8 Refresh

Facebook F8 Refresh

In the lead-up to Facebook's major developer event, F8 Refresh, in June, we'll be welcoming global developers and creators to build immersive AR and AI solutions for the chance to win up to USD$100,000 in cash prizes.

Deadline: 30th April
Hack of PI

Hack of PI

PAN IIT Alumni Association across the world is running Hack of PI to identify, nurture and award innovations from across the globe. Innovations driven by technology across various domains will be encouraged with access to mentors, and investors for deserving candidates.

Idea submission deadline: 25th May
Flipkart Runway

Flipkart Runway

Runway aims at laying an early foundation for women in engineering by giving them early exposure to developmental opportunities through challenging & real-time problem statements, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

  • Selected students get an opportunity to intern with Flipkart in the summer of 2021.
  • PPI Opportunity for 3rd-year internship with Flipkart.

    Deadline: 16th April, 2021
  • <br>UberSTAR Internship 2021

    UberSTAR Internship 2021

    As a software engineer intern/co-op, you'll have a direct impact on the customer experience for riders, drivers, eaters, restaurant and business owners and cities alike. Do you like our services and want to bring them to the next level? Are you interested in working on products that impact millions of people around the globe?
    AWS 5G Edge Computing Challenge

    AWS 5G Edge Computing Challenge

    AWS and Verizon are teaming up to bring a one-of-a-kind hackathon to the global developer community. Use your creativity, technical knowledge, and problem solving skills to gain access to state of the art technology. What applications can you build with the power of AWS on Verizon 5G? From self-driving cars to instant medical diagnostic results, the future is bright and super fast.

    Deadline: 25th April, 2021
    Shenomics Lead Like A Girl

    Shenomics Lead Like A Girl

    ‘Lead Like A Girl’ is a 6-month fellowship program to help build and empower the next generation of young women leaders. A group of up to 40 young women will receive customized leadership training, coaching and mentorship support to help them build the skills, confidence and the support they need to realize their highest potential and create massive impact in the world around them.

    Deadline: 15th April, 2021
    <br>Apple Swift Student Challenge

    Apple Swift Student Challenge

    Showcase your passion for coding by creating an incredible Swift playground on the topic of your choice. Winners will receive exclusive WWDC21 outerwear, a customized pin set, and one year of membership in the Apple Developer Program. This challenge is open to students around the world.

    Deadline:18th April, 2021
    Seagate CORTX Integration Challenge

    Seagate CORTX Integration Challenge

    Seagate’s CORTX Integration Challenge seeks to expand the possibilities of data by making easier to move, store, and activate data at scale. Win the challenge – worth prizes up to $10,000- by creating a working integration between CORTX and a platform or tool that deals with data at scale.

    Deadline: 23rd April, 2021
    Code with SAP Labs India

    Code with SAP Labs India

    Build a fantastic application or feature to solve everyday business use cases using SAP services and other emerging technologies.

    Eligibility Criteria Students from Indian-based academic institutes with unique ideas can register individually or as a team of up to four. Participants should be pursuing either of the following:
  • B.E./ B. Tech – first, second, third and fourth year students
  • Dual Degree – first, second, third and fourth year students
  • MCA – first and second year students
  • M.E./ M. Tech – first and second year students

    Deadline: 18th April, 2021
  • <br>McKinsey Digital Internship (6 months)

    McKinsey Digital Internship (6 months)

    You'll work at our Bangalore office for 6 months as part of McKinsey Digital. This group brings together the best of McKinsey’s digital capabilities to help our clients use digital technology to transform their businesses.

    You’ll be exposed to challenging, global projects and have the opportunity to work in a multi-cultural and collaborative environment.

    High-performing interns will receive a permanent job offer with McKinsey Digital Bangalore.
    <br>Coleridge Initiative - Show US the Data

    Coleridge Initiative - Show US the Data

    The Coleridge Initiative is a not-for-profit that has been established to use data for social good.

    In this competition, you'll use natural language processing (NLP) to automate the discovery of how scientific data are referenced in publications. Utilizing the full text of scientific publications from numerous research areas gathered from CHORUS publisher members and other sources, you'll identify data sets that the publications' authors used in their work.

    Final submission deadline: 23rd June, 2021
    Full Stack Problem Setter Internship

    Full Stack Problem Setter Internship

    HackerEarth has a community version of the product that is used by developers across the globe to assess their coding skills, become better at it, and measure their true potential.

    Roles and responsibilities
  • Analyze the requirements shared
  • Create and test Full-Stack and project questions

  • SpringBoot
  • HTML & CSS (basics)
  • JavaScript (basics)
  • SQL (basics)
  • AngularJS/ ReactJS (optional)
  • Should be familiar with REST APIs
  • Should be familiar with GIT (optional)


    Grab this exclusive opportunity to flex your programming skills and showcase your aptitude using unique coding hacks and win big. So wait no more and register today!

    Eligibility: This contest is open to all the students from all the engineering colleges in India. Participants can be either:
  • An individual.
  • A team of up to 4 participants, provided that each member of the team meets the eligibility criteria.

    Deadline: 1st April 2021 (6 PM)
  • Airtel I-Code

    Airtel I-Code

    We at Airtel are looking for exceptionally talented people who are hyper-focused, looking for faster growth in their career and believe in enriching the lives of millions via technology.

  • Engineering graduates from colleges across India - BE/BTech - CS/ IT branches
  • Graduation year - 2019, 2020, 2021

    Challenge Format:
  • 2 programming questions on DS/Algorithms.

  • CTC: 14.75 to 17.5 LPA

  • Job Location: Gurgaon
  • <br>Generation Google Scholarship (Asia Pacific)

    Generation Google Scholarship (Asia Pacific)

    Generation Google Scholarship: for women in computer science was established to help aspiring students pursuing computer science degrees excel in technology and become leaders in the field. Selected students will receive $1,000 USD for the 2021-2022 school year. Generation Google Scholarship: for women in computer science will be awarded based on the strength of each candidate's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, demonstrated leadership, and academic performance. The program is open to students who meet all the minimum qualifications and we strongly encourage women interested in computer science to apply.

    Apply by March 29, 2021.
    <br><br>LinkedIn CoachIn 2021

    LinkedIn CoachIn 2021

    What is in it for me?
  • Mentoring by top minds in the core engineering domain
  • Self learning modules to provide flexibility in learning
  • Opportunity to network with senior leaders in the industry and women students from engineering colleges across India
  • Professional grooming for interview preparation and presentation skills
  • Opportunity to interview for our 2022 Summer Internship Program
  • <br><br>FOSSASIA Virtual Summit 2021

    FOSSASIA Virtual Summit 2021

    The FOSSASIA Summit is a unique event with a broad range of open technology topics such as web and mobile technologies, Javascript, Python, cloud services, artificial intelligence, Open Hardware and production, privacy, security, digital sovereignty, Blockchain, DevOps, databases, kernel and platform, Open Source licences and compliance, open health tech and Covid-19, Open Science, Open Source culture and circular economy.

    The event takes place from Saturday, 13th March to Sunday, 21st March. 190+ speakers from 42 countries and 6 continents are joining us.
    <br>Amazon Last Mile Routing Research Challenge

    Amazon Last Mile Routing Research Challenge

    The primary goal of the Last Mile Routing Research Challenge is to encourage participants to develop innovative approaches leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and other non-conventional methods to produce solutions to the route sequencing problem that outperform traditional, optimization-driven operations research methods in terms of solution quality and computational cost.

    Apply by March 29, 2021.
    Microsoft Hack the Climate

    Microsoft Hack the Climate

    The environmental challenges are many, each with its own complexity. In some areas we have come a long way, in other areas the humanity has barely moved. This hackathon's challenges will be put in the light of:
  • CARBON: How to go low carbon, by reducing emissions and cut energy consumptions?
  • ECOSYSTEM: How to preserve and protect biodiversity and health of the world’s ecosystem?
  • WASTE: How to become more sustainable, by developing products with zero waste?
  • WATER: How to be water positive, meaning replenish more water than used?

    Apply by March 22, 2021.
  • <br>Azure AI Hackathon

    Azure AI Hackathon

    Put your skills to the test and apply Azure AI to a new or existing project! We welcome projects of all types, including AI-powered apps or devices, conversational bots, ML models, or something else entirely!

  • Developers and data scientists of all backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to submit projects.
  • Individuals, and teams of individuals, must have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry.

    Apply by April 5, 2021.
  • <br>Uber HackTag

    Uber HackTag

    The engine of the world moves to 1s and 0s, and it is that guild of wizards. Uber is looking to challenge through HackTag 2021. Do you have what it takes to work together and birth the next big innovation that will help us move the world?


    Uber HackTag is open to all working professionals and engineering students pursuing a full-time B.Tech./ B.E./ M.Tech./ M.E. (all years) degrees across branches.

    Apply by Feb 26, 2021.
    American Express Makeathon 2021

    American Express Makeathon 2021

    American Express is proud to present Makeathon 2021, a diversity event for women technologists across engineering colleges, in a brand new digital avatar! This team-based competition will club essential elements of a coding based challenge (Round 1) and a Hackathon/ prototype building (Round 2), offering budding women engineers the opportunity to showcase their technical prowess on a national platform competing with some of the best minds in the country.

    Women students graduating in the year 2022 & 2023

    Apply by March 12, 2021.
    <br><br>Amdocs Hackfest 2021

    Amdocs Hackfest 2021

    Amdocs India presents Amdocs HackFest 2021, India’s versatile coding and hackathon competition for engineering graduates. This three-phase challenge will tickle your grey cells and push you to create unique solutions and innovative approaches to resolve complex problems.

    The competition will consist of three phases:
  • An aptitude/coding round
  • Idea submission round
  • Onsite presentation round

  • B.E./B.Tech - 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students
  • MCA - 2nd and 3rd year students
  •  IIT Kanpur SURGE Internship Program

    IIT Kanpur SURGE Internship Program

    Under the Students-Undergraduate Research Graduate Excellence (SURGE) program, students from IITK and other participating institutions undertake short duration, but focused research projects and push their intellectual abilities beyond those driven by the classroom.

    The duration of the program is approximately 10 weeks and the starting date of SURGE program is 14th June, 2021 and last date 22nd August, 2021.

    An award plus a commendation certificate is given to those SURGE students who produce exceptional quality research during the period.

    Apply by Feb 22, 2021.
    <br><br>Atlassian App Development Hackathon

    Atlassian App Development Hackathon

    The future of work/study/collaboration: COVID-19 struck fast and hard. In these unprecedented times and a new mode of working i.e. remote working aka Work from Anywhere, we need to evolve in our mindset and so do the systems that we use in offices/schools/colleges. The idea is to build various systems/applications that can help us manage different aspects. We would like to invite your ideas on this theme of “Work From Anywhere” and what tools/systems/applications can be developed to make that happen.

    Apply by Feb 22, 2021.
    Adobe Design Circle Scholarships

    Adobe Design Circle Scholarships

    To help reach untapped youth communities and foster more diversity in the design industry, the Design Circle scholarship will do just that: we are awarding 10 annual college scholarships -- up to $25,000 per year, for each year of the recipient’s undergraduate education (up to four years or $100,000).

    The scholarship is ideal for students who want to enter product design or experience design-related careers (e.g. digital, web, UX/UI, industrial design, or similar). We seek to support a diverse group of students to achieve their higher education and professional development goals. Applications are encouraged from candidates including, but not limited to: racial or ethnic minorities, females, those who identify as LGBTQ+, first-generation college students, and students with disabilities.
    <br><br><br>Outreachy Internships

    Outreachy Internships

    Outreachy internships are:
  • 💵 Paid - $6,000 USD total internship stipend
  • 🌍 Remote - both interns and mentors work remotely
  • 🕰 3 months - internships run May 24 to August 24

    🚨 Apply by February 22 at 4pm UTC
  • Cube Highways Hackathon

    Cube Highways Hackathon

    In India, there has been an increase in intercity travels by private cars to avoid public transportation since the COVID-19 pandemic happened. We both NEC Corporation India and Mitsubishi Corporation India (both are one of the leading Japanese corporates in the world) are aggressively devoting our effort to solve Indian social problems and demands too.

    Through this hackathon, we would love to engage developers, marketer, business developers who can create ideas and solutions which can cater user’ demand!

    Apply by Feb 28, 2021.


    Analytics Vidhya presents "JOB-A-THON" - India's Largest Data Science Hiring Hackathon, where every data science enthusiast will get the opportunity to showcase their skills and get a chance to interview with top companies for leading job roles in Data Science, Machine Learning & Analytics.

    Apply by Feb 26, 2021.
    <br>Siemens Scholarship Program

    Siemens Scholarship Program

    If you are a bright young person full of passion and resolved to succeed through hard work, determination, devotion and perseverance and you are in your first year of engineering at a Government College then this program is for you. Nothing should stop you from achieving your goals, with the Siemens Scholarship Program, you get the right support to achieve both your personal and professional goals.

    Apply by Feb 15, 2021.
    <br> Expedia Travel Transforms 2021

    Expedia Travel Transforms 2021

    The competition will run for 9 weeks from 30th January to 30th March 2021 and will have two phases, inviting you to test your core skills and discover how travel transforms lives. Fantastic prizes can be won as well as an amazing learning and interactive experience for both you and Expedia Group. Come and hone your technology skills with us! An exciting journey awaits you - what are you waiting for?

    🎯Top 10 performers will receive a certificate of achievement
    🎯Top 30 performers will be fast-tracked for Software Engineer Development Graduate and Intern Interviews
    DBS Campus Hack2Hire 2021

    DBS Campus Hack2Hire 2021

  • BE/B-tech 2021 pass outs from CS/IT streams, with 60% marks throughout his/her academic career
  • Individuals with a strong knowledge of distributed computing, operating systems, cloud infrastructure, mobile and web application development and full stack application development
  • Individuals with a passion to learn new technologies and drive digital transformation for a better world

    Apply by Feb 21, 2021.
  • <br><br><br>Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge

    Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge

    Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge aims to recognize new business ideas that leverage technology for social impact from early-stage entrepreneurs around the world.
    $1,000,000 USD in prize money will help accelerate the adoption of breakthrough technology, products, and services that drive economic development and/or solve social or environmental problems.

    Submit your solution by January 29, 2021, at 5 pm PT!
    <br>Facebook Data Challenge 2021

    Facebook Data Challenge 2021

    This virtual training program is a chance for students (current sophomores ) who think they are interested in a career in data analytics to work with and learn from Facebook's Data Engineers and Data Scientists! Applicants will submit a resume and responses to a few quick questions which will be reviewed by our team. Finalists will be invited to join our Data Challenge community that will meet for multiple events throughout the summer to learn about life within Facebook Data Analytics and develop skills required for the roles.
    <br><br>Quora Programming Challenge

    Quora Programming Challenge

    Top place finishers in each division will be awarded the following prizes:
  • 1st place: $2000 USD
  • 2nd place: $1000 USD
  • 3rd place: $500 USD
  • 4th to 10th place: $200 USD
  • Top 50 places: Quora T-Shirt

    Participants who score well may also be fast-tracked through our interview process, if they are interested in roles at Quora.

    Registration will be open until Feb 5, 2021 at 16:00 (UTC + 00:00)
  • <br><br>EtherPunk 2021

    EtherPunk 2021

    A global online Ethereum hackathon, EtherPunk 2021 is a call to arms bringing together thousands of developers, industry experts, advisors, mentors, and companies to innovate and build decentralized applications with the potential of mass adoption.
    Ocean Protocol Data Economy Challenge: Datatokens

    Ocean Protocol Data Economy Challenge: Datatokens

    The Ocean Protocol Data Economy Challenge: Datatokens edition is an 8-week online hackathon that offers developers an opportunity to unlock data and create innovative data applications from data exchanges to data DAOs, powered by Ocean tools.

    This hackathon offers over $USD 55,000 in token prizes for unleashing data and building data applications that leverage Ocean datatokens, plus special sponsored bonus prizes by ecosystem partners including 1inch Exchange, Balancer, DAOstack, Energy Web Foundation (EWF), Pillar, Protocol Labs (Filecoin), Secret Network and Streamr.
    <br>DrChrono's Virtual Healthcare Hackathon

    DrChrono's Virtual Healthcare Hackathon

    DrChrono would love to invite designers and developers to innovate new and refreshing tools to improve the Healthcare Ecosystem! We believe the best solutions in healthcare are built with technology prowess and an innovative spirit, not just from clinical expertise. So as a tech-forward developer, put yourself in the shoes of a Doctor, their patients, or their staff and build something that will bring their practice into the modern age of healthcare.
    Microsoft Imagine Cup

    Microsoft Imagine Cup

    Make an impact through coding, collaboration, and competition. Innovate with passion to tackle global issues and bring your idea to life in the Imagine Cup.

    Event Schedule
  • Registration + Submission
    Now – January 2021
  • Online Semifinals
    February 2021
  • World Finals
    March 2021
  • World Championship
    Date TBA
  • Build India Fellowship

    Build India Fellowship

    We'll give you capital ($10,000), mentorship, network, and help you with anything you need to build great things. What we ask in return is your singular focus on building public good software for six months. Consider this a very high paying internship or one major side-project.

    Once done, we'll have micro-funds and companies who'll see if they want to invest in you and take your project forward. We'll also have select companies hiring directly out of the program — companies where we know your technical talents will not go under-appreciated.
    <br>ZS PRIZE


    ZS PRIZE, an award presented by ZS, has been designed to recognize, celebrate and advance innovation in health and healthcare using data, analytics, and disruptive technology.

    The winning team(s) will create ingenious solutions that will ultimately be the prize for millions of citizens who are in need of an evolved, accessible, and affordable healthcare system today.
    <br> DevScript Winter of Code

    DevScript Winter of Code

    Do you want a taste of what it's like to contribute to some of the world's largest communities and exciting projects?
    ❄️ ⛄ ❄️
    UAceIt and DevScript bring to you "Winter of Code" an open-source program that helps you understand the paradigm of Open Source contribution.
    ❄️ ⛄ ❄️
    Sign up to become a mentor, volunteer or student
    Digital Trust Hackathon

    Digital Trust Hackathon

    The new Santander Trusted OpenID services verify and validate identity anda data of the person or business you are interacting with online. Leveraging this capability, what solutions can you build or improve upon to take advantage of current opportunities?

    For this hackathon, you can leverage the technology developed by Santander to create your own applications. The Santander Digital Trust protocol, built on top of OpenID open-source technology, allows you to:
  • authenticate your users using bank-grade standards;
  • access verified, high-quality data; and
  • validate facts from users without requiring that they share their personal data.
  • <br>Hack to the future 2020

    Hack to the future 2020

    Be a part of what we hope will be the most impactful fintech hackathon ever, with #HackToTheFuture 2020! Build your app with Finastra APIs to accelerate transformation, because we're #hackingforgood! Join a global open innovation community — hacking around the clock, around the world!
    <br>Chrome Dev Summit 2020

    Chrome Dev Summit 2020

    Enter the virtual world and…
  • interact with other developers and Googlers
  • discover demos,
  • complete codelabs, or
  • unlock virtual swag
  • …of course, find a few surprises

    Stay up to date on all things CDS as well as the latest news and techniques for web development.
  • <br>Code to Japan

    Code to Japan

    ASIA to JAPAN, known for helping international talents find their dream jobs in major Japanese companies, is launching a coding contest: CODE TO JAPAN to allow applicants to show off their skills and at the same time, help connect them to the right companies of their future careers.

    The top scorers will also get to enjoy up to 100,000 JPY* for their outstanding efforts.


    Hack With CW is a community-focused Virtual Hackathon, designed especially for the needs of the community itself. Whether you are a beginner or expert, here is a perfect chance to show your skills and witness a competitive yet inclusive developer community around it.
    The main domain of Hackathons are:
  • AI, ML, and DL
  • Application Development
  • Web Development
  • AR/VR
  • <br><br><br>Google STEP Internship

    Google STEP Internship

    Minimum qualifications:

  • Currently in second year of study, enrolled in a Bachelor's program, majoring or intending to major in Computer Science or related technical field.
  • Experience in one or more general purpose programming languages.
  • Microsoft Developer Bootcamps

    Microsoft Developer Bootcamps

    Join the MVPs, community leaders, and Microsoft engineers from around the world for hands-on Microsoft 365 developer bootcamps.

    All are virtual and free - join any event you like!


    Hack-with-MAIT is a 24-hour hackathon organized by TechCom (official technical society of MAIT) in association with IEEE MAIT

  • Idea submission is from 10th November 2020 12:00 am to 2nd December 2020 11:55 pm
  • Judging of idea submissions will be done by our panelists on 3rd December 2020 and the selected ideas will receive a mail with further details.
  • Implementation and Code Hackathon is from 4th December 2020 12:05 am to 5th December 2020 11:55 pm
  • Results will be announced on 12th December 2020
  • <br><br><br>Optum Stratethon

    Optum Stratethon

    Optum, the world’s leading health care products and services innovation company, brings to you Stratethon - Season 2, an opportunity to innovate and change the future of health care.

    Eligibility Criteria: This challenge is open to full-time 2-year MBA/PGDM students from a select list of B-Schools and full-time B.Tech/B.E. students from select Engineering Colleges, across specializations.
    Philips Code to Care Challenge

    Philips Code to Care Challenge

    Code to Care Challenge is a hackathon from Philips, aimed at generating ideas and solutions that ensure better health outcomes, improve patient experience and enhance healthcare staff satisfaction.

    Spanning across three stages, the competition requires students to build a prototype of the Idea/solution on any of the three given problems in domains of AI, Smart Devices and Healthcare Services. The top 10 teams will be moved to the Final round for a virtual presentation to the Senior leadership team at Philips.
    <br><br>Nasdaq Intern Hiring Challenge

    Nasdaq Intern Hiring Challenge

    Nasdaq Technology is looking for passionate Software Developer & Systems Administration Interns, to join the Bangalore technology center in India. If Innovation and effectiveness drive you forward this is the place for you! We are looking for students who share those values along with a genuine desire and drive to deliver top technology solutions to today's markets.
    <br><br>The HERE Map Data Hackathon

    The HERE Map Data Hackathon

    We invite developers to build software solutions using HERE Data Layers and HERE Location Services that help the public, local communities and businesses to overcome challenges from health and social care to education and infrastructure.

    This hackathon provides a platform where developers can ideate, experiment and create software solutions to help address issues in urban life, planning and development by using map and location data. Feel empowered to get creative!
    HackCBS 3.0

    HackCBS 3.0

    In this world of digitalization, be a part of a staggering event. If you are fond of challenges and possess wisdom, then hackCBS 3.0 is for you.

  • Much more exciting!
  • Prizes worth $50,000
  • Swags delivered at your doorstep

    Come and rack your brains to Learn. Teach. Hack. Win.

    Mark your calendar for 6th - 8th November 2020
  • <br><br>TechGig Geek Goddess 2020

    TechGig Geek Goddess 2020

    Are you a woman programmer and/or want to be a great coder one day? Prove to the world that #GirlsCanCode.

    Come, join Geek Goddess 2020, the biggest coding battle for women technologists. Participate in various coding challenges and theme-based hackathons to learn, upskill, and gain recognition as the best female programmer - '#GeekGoddess'.
    Game Jam 1.0

    Game Jam 1.0

    As of 2015, the gaming industry is worth 111 billion dollars. With that spirit, JetBrains is conducting Game Jam 1.0 and invites all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in an interesting and engaging hackathon. The aim of this Hackathon is to test what Game Developers do best: make games.

    Winners will get a chance to showcase their Games on this same site along with exciting prizes. Even if you don't win, you will get a chance to learn how to build cool Games from scratch.
    <br>BazelCon 2020

    BazelCon 2020

    Hosted by Bazel and Google Open Source, BazelCon is the premier annual event to strengthen and unify the Bazel Community.

    At this year’s virtual event, you’ll witness a number of new and interesting talks, share the Bazel State-of-the-Union and Announcements, provide opportunities to collaborate with peers, as well as have a live Q&A with the Bazel team.

    November 12, 2020 - November 14, 2020
    Duolingo Thrive Internship

    Duolingo Thrive Internship

    The Duolingo Thrive Program is an immersive 8-week summer training program that provides second-year students from underrepresented communities the opportunity to develop their software engineering skills and experience what it’s like to work at Duolingo.

    As part of the Thrive Program, you’ll work with Duolingo's Software Engineers and other trainees to complete a project that will sharpen your coding and problem solving skills while receiving hands-on technical training, mentorship, and professional development.
    <br><br>Adobe MAX—The Creativity Conference

    Adobe MAX—The Creativity Conference

    Make plans to join in for a uniquely immersive and engaging digital experience, guaranteed to inspire. Three full days of luminary speakers, celebrity appearances, musical performances, global collaborative art projects, and 350+ sessions — and all at no cost.

    Register now to build your schedule and get sponsor giveaways.

    Dates: October 20–22
    Red Hat Forum APAC 2020

    Red Hat Forum APAC 2020

    Red Hat Forum APAC 2020, the largest open source event of the year in Asia will bring business leaders, partners, innovators and Red Hat experts together to talk about the latest open source innovations.

    Dates: October 21-22
    <br>Call for Participation of FOSS Backstage 2021

    Call for Participation of FOSS Backstage 2021

    FOSS Backstage is an open platform and we thrive on your contributions. Together with our dedicated program committee we want to shape a program that truly is “by the community for the community”.

    Therefore we are looking forward to your input:

    We are interested in talks on Open Source project leadership best practices, community management, Open Source project metrics, Open Source strategy for enterprise, adopting Open Source collaboration in corporations (Inner Source), and legal matters when dealing with Open Source.
    <br><br>ML Summit 2020

    ML Summit 2020

    If you are in the ML/AI field, and are interested in enhancing your skills, while networking and learning from Google's ML/AI experts, this is the event for you!

    Join the latest Google machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies through 3 summits in 3 consecutive weeks with specific emphases -

    Prepare focuses on analyzing data (7 Oct)
    Build focuses on building and training models (14 Oct)
    Predict focuses on creating predictions (21 Oct)
    <br>Code Divas Diversity Challenge 2020

    Code Divas Diversity Challenge 2020

    BNY Mellon is seeking passionate, talented, 10x engineers who want to make their mark in the financial industry with BNY Mellon Technology, India.

    Eligibility Criteria:
    • Female candidates
    • BE/BTech/ M.E/M.Tech/ MCA/ M.Sc. & MS Maths and Computing
    • CGPA 7 and above
    • No current/active backlogs
    • 2021 graduates for full time and 6-month internship (Jan to Jun 2021) opportunities 2022 graduates for summer internship (May to July 2021)
    <br>[codeheat] Coding Contest

    [codeheat] Coding Contest

    FOSSASIA and OpnTec run the Codeheat coding contest from October 1, 2020 to June 1, 2021. Codeheat is separated into two month periods. After each period winners are announced for that period. Participants contributing at least five pull requests can get a digital certificate and with more than ten pull requests developers can win awesome prizes. Eligible issues for the contest have the label "Codeheat" on GitHub.
    MindHack! Summit

    MindHack! Summit

    MindHack! Summit is brought to you by a team of AI enthusiasts in collaboration with the AI Leaders who have leveraged it to create out-of-the box technologies that have a positive impact in the society.

    The conference will be a well-rounded one as the speakers will be covering a wide range of topics related to AI and Deep Learning.

    Date: 10th to 14th October, 2020
    Twitter Internship and FTE

    Twitter Internship and FTE

    Trying to figure out what's next for your career? Maybe it's Twitter. Twitter is looking for people who are ready to think on their feet, speak their minds, and help bring the power of global conversation to people all over the world.
    Beamable Game-A-Thon

    Beamable Game-A-Thon

    Beamable is hosting a Game Jam in India in collaboration with the Pehel Foundation (NGO) and other game developers: GameEON, XRDI, Ogre Head, UnderDogs, and HulaHool Games! We are supporting this 48-hour game jam so that game developers like you can find inspiration, motivation, and support from the India indie dev community.
    <br><br>ACM SIGHPC Computational & Data Science Fellowships

    ACM SIGHPC Computational & Data Science Fellowships

    Specifically targeted at women or students from racial/ethnic backgrounds that have not traditionally participated in the computing field, the program is open to students pursuing degrees at institutions anywhere in the world. Nominations for the 2021 class open: March 15, 2021 Nominations for the 2021 class close: April 15 , 2021
    <br><br>Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge

    Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge

    There are six individual challenges within the larger Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge contest. Each challenge is a curated collection of Microsoft Learn modules. Register for and complete as many of the challenges as you'd like. Remember that the more challenges you complete, the more entries you'll earn towards the sweepstakes prize.
    Dell Technologies World

    Dell Technologies World

    Join in from anywhere for this free, two-day online event. Discover new ways to harness the power of technology and accelerate your growth and development. Let’s use digital transformation to forge a new path, create new opportunities and build resiliency that stands the test of time.


    HackFinity invites all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in an interesting and engaging hackathon. The event will take place from September 30th to October 2nd, and will be conducted in an entirely online format.
    Microsoft TechHer

    Microsoft TechHer

    Attend sessions on embracing vulnerability, responsible AI, unconscious bias, understanding the Cloud Adoption Framework, creating powerful goals and action plans, understanding DevOps, the importance of volunteering, managing time and work with Project, experiences of senior female technical leaders, and the value of Azure for everyone.
    MLH Learn Day

    MLH Learn Day

    Learn Day is a week of workshops leading up to a Saturday conference hosted online that you can share with your community. You can pick up the new skills you need by participating in workshops and talks with a community around the world. Over the course of the 12 hours, attendees will experience a series of workshops where they’ll learn skills such as publishing their first website using AWS, sending their first SMS with Twilio, and building their first game in Unity. This is an event for all skill levels, from beginners to the most veteran developers. Workshop attendees will learn skills that they can apply in their projects, schoolwork, job, and beyond.
    Hack The Bay

    Hack The Bay

    Celebrate the 50-year anniversary of Earth Day with this 6-week long hackathon supporting conservation or the Chesapeake Bay. Booz Allen and the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative invite data scientists, developers, designers, problem solvers, and storytellers to develop their own open-source solutions in one of the four hackathon tracks. Submission Deadline: September 14th
    Automation Rising 2020 SOAR Hackathon

    Automation Rising 2020 SOAR Hackathon

    Build security orchestration playbooks for the new Cortex XSOAR Marketplace to automate processes across integrated security tools. Your playbook should be created for submission to one of three categories: general security, Palo Alto Network products, or specific business use cases. Integrate one of our sponsors’ APIs into your solution to be eligible for their related bonus prize. Win $60,000 in prizes! Submission Deadline: September 29th
    Snap Kit Developer Challenge 2020

    Snap Kit Developer Challenge 2020

    Snap Kit is a collection of developer tools built by Snap, which help third-party apps connect with an audience of millions of daily Snapchatters. We’re calling on you to build something great, using at least one of our many Snap Kit developer tools. Win $10,000 in prizes! Submission Deadline: October 5th
    TigerGraph 2020 Graphathon

    TigerGraph 2020 Graphathon

    TigerGraph invites you to help and enable others in the community. Use your knowledge and skills to ENABLE and EMPOWER the TigerGraph community and help to improve the world! You’ll learn Graph databases and stand a chance to win $18,000 in prizes. Submission Deadline: September 6th
    Facebook Online Hackathon Series

    Facebook Online Hackathon Series

    Facebook is back again with its third series of online hackathons. This next round of hackathons includes the same innovative tech tracks: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Messaging. You’ll learn Spark AR, Wit.ai, and how to leverage Facebook Messenger's features. Win $21,000 in prizes! Submission Deadline: September 8th
    ICON Hyperhack

    ICON Hyperhack

    Build on Korea's largest blockchain platform. ICON is Korea's largest public blockchain platform that's also one of the fastest growing in the world. Build across a wide range of categories that include Decentralized Finance, Utility, and NFT & Gaming. Win $19,500 in prizes! Submission Deadline: September 14th
    Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge

    Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge

    Invent new voice experiences with Alexa Conversations and compete for more than $100,000 in prizes. Don't know where to start? Check out the course "Building Alexa Skills with AWS Lambda" and begin your learning journey! Submit your entry by September 14, 2020.
    Adobe Women in Technology Scholarship

    Adobe Women in Technology Scholarship

    Through the Adobe India Women-in-Technology Scholarship, Adobe strives to create gender equality in science, technology and engineering domains by encouraging women to showcase their excellence in computing and technology and become future leaders and role models in the field. Apply by September 23rd, 2020.
    Women in AI Summit 2020

    Women in AI Summit 2020

    Bringing all minds together, join us in taking a step forward and making AI diverse and inclusive for all. 50 keynotes, panels, and workshops by leading global AI experts that cover topics in Health, FinTech, Ethics, Business, Education, Culture, and more. Register by September 5th, 2020.
    JSday 2020 Scholarship

    JSday 2020 Scholarship

    Join and interact live with international speakers and attendees, make real connections with the global JavaScript community! Apply by September 10th.
    MLH Fellowship

    MLH Fellowship

    The MLH Fellowship is a 12-week internship alternative for aspiring software engineers. Our programs pair fun, educational curriculum with practical experience that you can put on your resume right away. It's collaborative, remote, and happens under the guidance of expert mentors.
    React Summit 2020 SCholarship

    React Summit 2020 SCholarship

    Diversity scholarship for the biggest React.js conference in the world. The offered ticket provided access to talks, networking, and more. Apply by September 14th.
    Women in Development Scholarship

    Women in Development Scholarship

    BrainStation's Women in Development Scholarship is designed to empower women with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital economy.
    VOICE Attendee Scholarship

    VOICE Attendee Scholarship

    To align with their mission of inclusivity and to further the growth and enrichment of the VOICE First community, VOICE provide scholarships to those who may not otherwise be able to attend the event. Students, startups and industry professionals with limited means are encouraged to apply.
    Bloc's   Close the Gap  Scholarship

    Bloc's Close the Gap Scholarship

    In an effort to increase the number of women in technology-related fields, BLOC is committing $1 million to help self-identifying women pursue their dreams of becoming software developers and designers. Join the thousands of women who've changed their careers with Bloc and apply today!
    Google SDE Internship 2021

    Google SDE Internship 2021

    As a Software Engineering Intern, you will work on our core products and services as well as those who support critical functions of our engineering operations. Depending on your background and experience, you will be working in one of the following areas: Product and Systems Development or Engineering Productivity. Apply by 10th August, 2020
    ACCENTURE: All-female Innovation Challenge

    ACCENTURE: All-female Innovation Challenge

    Do you have ideas on how to enable communities and organizations to digital transformation? Put them to the test by joining DevelopHER! This hackathon is open only for female developers, individually or in groups of four. Contestants will battle it out for prizes worth up to Php 60,000!
    Twitter DevelopHER 2020

    Twitter DevelopHER 2020

    Join Twitter for a virtual two-day program for second year and third year students who identify as women. You will participate in hands-on technical workshops, professional development seminars, meet with senior leaders, and go head-on in a team coding challenge with prizes to be won! Apply by 14th August, 2020
    Goldman Sachs Summer Analyst Internship

    Goldman Sachs Summer Analyst Internship

    This program is designed to fully immerse you in the day-to-day activities of one of GS's divisions.
    GE Explorer Series: Digital Technology Enterprise Program

    GE Explorer Series: Digital Technology Enterprise Program

    Eager to gain an insight into how GE pioneers leadership in the new technological era? GE hires pioneers, problem solvers, dreamers & leaders across the globe. Interns and leadership program participants at GE work to solve real-world challenges, sometimes spurring innovations that change the way we do business. Enroll in the GE Digital Technology Enterprise Program for free and get started right away!
    Clarity 2020 Scholarship

    Clarity 2020 Scholarship

    Clarity is a design systems conference focused on how developers work together.  Scholarship recipients will also have the opportunity to be part of an optional peer group mentorship program post-conference facilitated by program partners Dropbox Design and SuperFriendly. Apply by 31st August, 2020.
    GHCI 20 Codeathon

    GHCI 20 Codeathon

    Grace Hopper Celebration India – Asia’s largest technical conference for women – enters its 11th year (GHCI 20) of inspiring, guiding, and connecting women in technology. GHCI 20 will be the first ever virtual conference. As part of GHCI 20, AnitaB.org India will be holding a Codeathon for women students from engineering colleges in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India. Students will be given training, exposure and support via webinars to guide them in devising and building their own solution. Apply by 31st July.
    Lead Dev Scholarship

    Lead Dev Scholarship

    The scholarship aims to support individuals from underrepresented groups in tech and those facing economic or social hardship to have access to brilliant content and networking opportunities. If you’re an aspirant tech lead or a current tech lead without access to the funds to buy your ticket, you should apply. Tickets will be awarded to people who can show that the knowledge gained will be useful for their ongoing career. Apply by 7th August.
    Microsoft’s Asia Virtual Experience Program

    Microsoft’s Asia Virtual Experience Program

    At Microsoft, you will work on projects that matter and that use your engineering skills and insights to help deliver those projects to market. Microsoft offers a wide range of opportunities across the field of Engineering. These include Cloud Network Engineering, Content Publishing, Data & Applied Sciences, Design, Design Research, Engineering General Management, Product Planning, Program Management, Service Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering, Software Development and Software Engineering. Microsoft’s Asia Virtual Experience Program helps discover the knowledge and skills that can set you up for success as an Engineering professional at Microsoft.
    Infosys Summer of Ideas

    Infosys Summer of Ideas

    This global eight-week ideathon, powered by Infosys digital learning platform Wingspan, will help the global student and academic community fulfill the gap of learning opportunities as a result of the disruption caused by COVID-19.
    Infosys Summer of Ideas is a great way to energize and ideate, to push boundaries of our capabilities in a fun and creative environment. It is the new-normal method of collaborating, conceptualizing, and creating with your teams. The Ideathon will feature ideas and thoughts with an objective to deliver agile and implementable solutions relevant for the post Covid world.
    McKinsey Next Generation Women Leaders Event

    McKinsey Next Generation Women Leaders Event

    The Next Generation Women Leaders Asia-Pacific event is a two-day virtual workshop that explores the importance of women in leadership. Event attendees will work with facilitators to further shape their leadership style, helping them become trailblazers in their personal and professional lives. They will walk away with an understanding of the McKinsey problem solving approach, which they can use in school, work, and life. As attendees explore the world of consulting, they will create genuine connections with peers as well as McKinsey colleagues and alumni.
    2020 Technical Virtual Summer Series with Google

    2020 Technical Virtual Summer Series with Google

    2020 Virtual Summer Series is a program for university students studying in different fields, and you will have the chance to learn more about careers at Google and connect with current employees. Google will also be sharing their technical and professional development resources, online learning opportunities, and ways to connect with Google recruiters and engineers virtually.
    Facebook AI Hackathon

    Facebook AI Hackathon

    Facebook is passionate about bringing the world closer together by advancing artificial intelligence. Not only is this a chance to put your skills to the test and preview the refreshed Wit.ai, but you’ll also discover that you don't need to be an AI/ML developer to build powerful natural language experiences that can solve real problems right away.
    Application Deadline: 5:00pm EDT Jun 24, 2020
    McKinsey Achievement Awards

    McKinsey Achievement Awards

    McKinsey Achievement Awards are just one of our many worldwide programs aimed at helping candidates get to know McKinsey better. The award includes a scholarship of $2,500 USD & 6 months mentorship from McKinsey consultants.
    Applications for the award are open until June 8, 3:30 am IST.
    Click to know more
    Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship

    Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship

    The Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship (TLF) is a one year, fully residential, post-graduate program to nurture leaders in technology who are:
    -Passionate about designing scalable tech-centric solutionsanywhere in the world
    -Constantly tinkering, making and trying new ideas
    Click on the button below to register.
    MLH Fellowship Program

    MLH Fellowship Program

    The MLH Fellowship is an internship alternative for software engineers. Instead of working on a project for just one company, you'll contribute to Open Source projects that are used by companies around the world. You'll collaborate with a group of 10 students under the guidance of a professional mentor whose only job is to help you successfully contribute. You will also receive a stipend. Click on button view more.
    JP Morgan Virtual Internship

    JP Morgan Virtual Internship

    An exciting opportunity with key benefits for applicants:
    -No applications, self paced and can participate from anywhere in the world
    -Certificate of completion from JPMorgan Chase awarded to those that complete the program recognizing the tech skills demonstrated
    Should you apply for the firm's Summer Software Engineer internship, you'll have your application prioritized for review and follow up
    Click on the button below to register.
    KPMG Virtual Internship

    KPMG Virtual Internship

    The KPMG Data Analytics Virtual Internship is designed to help you gain a practical insight into the work we do at KPMG and it is an opportunity for you to build your career skills and experience. If you provide your contact details, KPMG Australia may contact you at any stage to discuss their completed response in more detail.
    Click on the button below to register.
    Girls x Tech Design Bootcamp

    Girls x Tech Design Bootcamp

    Girls x Tech Design Bootcamp Online learning is increasing as a means of practising social distancing during this lockdown. Let's upgrade our skillset and make the most out of this virtual learning experience. Girls x Tech, a not for profit organisation working to bridge the gender gap in technology, is offering free online bootcamp for girls. This bootcamp will enable girls to learn the basics of Canva and graphic design via live video sessions. It is a 2 day workshop (1.5 hrs video session each day plus 4.5 hrs of self learning) with sessions being scheduled every week.
    To know more about the next session and register with us: Click here https://bit.ly/2UY8s5x Apply today & get certified!
    Rails Girls Summer of Code

    Rails Girls Summer of Code

    Rails Girls Summer of Code is an award-winning global fellowship program aimed at bringing more diversity into Open Source. It welcomes all women and non-binary applicants who want to gain a footing in the world of coding and further expand their knowledge and skills. The focus is on advanced-beginners who want to enter programming full-time.
    Nutanix ♥heart Scholarship 2020

    Nutanix ♥heart Scholarship 2020

    Nutanix strongly believes in the power of diversity and we want to increase the ratio of women on our engineering teams. So, we’re creating scholarships to help young women develop the skills they need to pursue their passion of computer science. We are offering up to ten scholarships to female students in the United States, India, UK and Serbia who want to apply their love of technology to make a positive impact on the industry and the planet.
    Linux Kernel Mentorship Program

    Linux Kernel Mentorship Program

    The Linux Kernel Mentorship Program offers a structured remote learning opportunity to aspiring Linux Kernel developers. Experienced Linux Kernel developers and maintainers mentor volunteer mentees and help them become contributors to the Linux Kernel.
    Global Impact Scholarship

    Global Impact Scholarship

    Palantir has launched the Global Impact Scholarship to celebrate and support students from across the globe who are beginning careers in technology. We hope to encourage these students in their computer science, engineering, and technical studies, and celebrate their potential to become leaders in these fields.
    Cisco Meraki Virtual Hackathon

    Cisco Meraki Virtual Hackathon

    It has never been more important to help our customers provide simple, secure, reliable internet access from anywhere. It is critical for them to find ways to differentiate themselves and provide added value for their services. Meraki invites you to be a visionary, pioneer and leader in our first ever Global Virtual Meraki Hackathon. The path to greatness requires a strong adversary.