React.js for Beginners


This course is for the beginners who want to learn React.js before starting their career in React. And I think that these concepts are must to be aware of for any React developer.

So if you want to learn React and enhance your skills then this course is for you!

Topics that you will cover in this course are:

  1. An introduction of React.js and why we should learn it ?
  2. How to create your first create React App
  3. Some basic concepts in React.js

What Will I Learn?

  • After completing this course you will be able to create your first React application.
  • Also, you will be familiar with most of the basic concepts in React.js

Topics for this course

8 Lessons2h

All about React.js

Introduction to React
Why React ?
Setting up development environment for React
To create a new React App
What exactly is JSX? And Why We Need It?
Components in React
State in React
Props in React
Time for Quiz

About the instructors

I'm a second year student at IP University, pursuing MCA. I am also a Beta Microsoft Student Partner. Being a CS student I love exploring different technologies. I believe that we grow more when we share our knowledge and skills with others.
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  • Must be aware of HTML, CSS and basics of Javascript.

Target Audience

  • All Web Developers should take this course to enhance their skills.