Operating Systems


This course introduces the concept of Operating Systems. This subject is widely used in software development and manufacturing of operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.It is is rich in content and is comprehensible by both beginners and intermediate level students. It also provides a quick grasp of the topics in which students get bewildered and puzzled. There are total 13 major topics from the book by the author ‘Silberschatz Galvin’ , considered as the bible for Operating Systems. Hope you enjoy the course and the content is appealing to your geeky intellect.

What Will I Learn?

  • After this course, you would have a strong conceptual command over the subject. It would definitely help you ace your internships, placements as well as university examinations. This is strictly structured according to the book 'Galvin'

Topics for this course

23 Lessons7h 15m

Introduction to Operating System

Computer System Structure7:33
Types of Operating Systems10:49

Operating System Services


Threads and Concurrency

CPU Scheduling

Synchronization Tools

Synchronization Examples


Memory Management

Virtual Memory

Mass Storage Systems

File System Interface

File System Implementation

About the instructors

A perfect mix of an introvert geek and a dreamer. I love to do competitive coding and always up to solve puzzles brought to the table .Love to study computer science in depth and also a Web Developer (Django) at a startup. To know more, check out my LinkedIn profile.
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This was 10 times better than what I was taught at college.

Super good content! Loved the efforts that are put in. Thanks a lot and hats off to you Mansi! :)

well explained


Material Includes

  • Video lectures and important Gate & interview questions


  • Pen and paper to note down important points ;)

Target Audience

  • -Anyone who needs to learn Operating Systems from scratch
  • -Anyone who wants to pursue a career in Computer Science
  • -Anyone who has Operating Systems for Semester Exams
  • -Anyone who is preparing for interview in product based companies
  • - If you are preparing for Gate Exam