Object Oriented Programming in C++

  • by Lubhani
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Object Oriented Programming is an essential part of development.Deep understanding of classes and object with its various attributes is  important for industrial work, also it will help with interview procedure.

What will you learn:-  

  1. How to work with classes , objects , constructor and its properties.
  2. Write efficient and clean code
  3. All concepts of Oops such as polymorphism , encapsulation and abstraction with real world examples.
  4. Concept building for interview
  5. Practice questions and quizzes.


Hope you enjoy this course!

What Will I Learn?

  • This course has been developed with reference from top books and educational sites. Aims to provide complete overview of subject in depth.
  • Content is build to easily understand and clear the concept. Real world situations are discussed and includes practice questions for better understanding.
  • Each section is equipped with a balanced mix of theory and practice. At the end of each section you'll get exercises to master the concepts you learn in that section.
  • And at last: all videos are produced with high quality video/audio, to provide you the best learning experience.

Topics for this course

18 Lessons3h 35m

Classes and Objects

Access Specifiers00:8:55
Inline and Outline Functions00:13:03
Questions and MCQ

Constructor and Destructor




Friend Class and Friend Function


About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • Course Line:
  • 1. Topic wise lecture.
  • 2. Questions solved with each topic.
  • 3. Practice Question and Quizz.


  • Basic understanding of C++ constructs: variables, type conversion, array,structure and conditionals and loops.

Target Audience

  • 1.Any developer who wants to master classes and objects.
  • 2.Any C++ programmer who wants to better understand object-oriented programming .
  • 3. Any C++ developer who is preparing for interviews with 0-1 experience.