Master Game Development: Live Classes

  • by UAceIt
  • Course level: All Levels


These classes are designed for those who wish to learn about game development in the most systematic, simplified and practical way.

But why GameDev?

There’s profit!💰
In 2020, Brendan Greene (the creator of PUBG) has a Net Worth of around $200 Million. Developers have an average salary of $90,000 per annum!

It’s in demand 🕹
Be it education, medicine, early learning, finance or retail, the world is moving towards gamification and so should you!

It’s FUN 💁🏻‍♂️
All play, no work will now make Jack a millionaire Game Developer! The world of game development is unimaginably interesting and unique.

What Will I Learn?

  • 1. Introduction to Game Development
  • 2. Graphics (Materials, Textures,Meshes)
  • 3. Level Design(Maps and Terrains)
  • 4. Sound
  • 5. Cinematic
  • 6. Blueprint
  • 7. Enemy AI Setup
  • 8. UI
  • 9. Build playable gaming projects

Topics for this course

7 Lessons

Introduction to Unreal Engine : Overview of the UI

Designing our environment

Creating a player character

Creating enemy basics

Creating cinematics

Creating heads up displays and menus

About the instructors

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6 Courses

144 students

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Material Includes

  • - Doubt & Mentor Support | Guided Learning
  • -Comprehensive Curriculum | Recorded Lectures
  • - Project Building


  • There are no pre-requisites to join these classes.

Target Audience

  • -Artists who want to learn game development
  • -Complete beginners who are willing to learn.
  • -Developers who want to revise concepts and master game development.
  • -Some programming experience will be helpful, but not required.