Master Data Structures & Algorithms in C++

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Do you want to master Data Structures and Algorithms in C++? 

Then you are at the right place! This course is designed for those who wish to learn about Data Structures and Algorithms in  C++ in the most systematic, simplified and practical way. With 100+ crucial questions, informative lectures, doubt-solving sessions, assignments and immense practice, you can easily master programming in C++.

This program will start from an absolute beginner level. You will get to practice questions which were asked in actual tech interviews and build a strong foundation to enhance your problem solving skills.

About the instructor

Khushboo Verma – An incoming SDE at micr0soft, former SDE intern at Microsoft & Adobe, GHCI’20 Scholar, Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, Github Campus Expret and Google Explore ML Facilitator having extensive experience in DSA interview preparation and a flair for teaching


What Will I Learn?

  • Basics of C++
  • Arrays, Strings, Vectors
  • Time & Space Complexity
  • Linked List
  • Stack & Queue
  • Hashmap
  • Recursion
  • Backtracking
  • Binary Tree
  • Binary Search Tree
  • Heaps
  • Graphs
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Greedy Algorithms

Topics for this course

24 Lessons25h

Getting Started – Free Lecture

Loops, Functions, Classes

Bitwise Operators, Constructors, OOP Concepts – Free Lecture

Arrays, Vectors

Time & Space Complexity, Sorting, Searching

Strings, Pointers, Linked Lists

Maps (Unordered and Ordered)


Stacks, Queues


Binary Tree

Binary Search Tree


Priority Queue

Greedy Algorithms

Dynamic Programming

About the instructors

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A final year student of IGDTUW, an SDE, intern at Microsoft, GHCI'20 Scholar, Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, GitHub Campus Expert and Google Explore ML Facilitator having extensive experience in DSA and a flair for teaching.
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Material Includes

  • -Recorded Classes | Doubt & Mentor Support
  • -DSA Concepts | Interview Questions | Assignments 
  • -Validity- Lifetime | Language - English


  • There are no pre-requisites to join these classes.

Target Audience

  • If you want to begin your career in coding. If you have no prior knowledge or experience on coding. If you love solving challenging real-world problems and want to prepare for the interviews.