Make a fun project using HTML & CSS


In this course we will be learning and building a project using HTML & CSS. This course will be a beginner’s or an intermediate guide for the same.

Each and every concept is explained using examples for better understanding. Some exercises are also incorporated for practice.

Concepts Taught:


  1. Definition and Advantages of HTML
  2. Tags and Attributes
  3. Hyperlinks
  4. Images
  5. Tables
  6. Lists
  7. Classes and ID
  8. Forms
  9. Multimedia


  1.  Introduction to CSS
  2. Border, Image,Text formatting tags
  3. Box, Lists, Layout, Navigation
  4. Border, Gradient tags
  5. Transform, Transitions

Mini- Project

We will be building a mini project which will have most of the concepts of HTML and CSS.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn basics of HTML& CSS
  • Make a hands-on project
  • Integrating CSS in HTML
  • Build fast web apps
  • Add top skills in your resume

Topics for this course

14 Lessons02h 45m

Introduction to HTML

Advanced Topics in HTML

Introduction to CSS

Project using CSS & HTML

About the instructors

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18 students


Material Includes

  • 1. Detailed Video Classes.
  • 2. Inbuilt Examples and Assignments.
  • 3. Written Material (includes PPT and Documents)
  • 4. Hands-on Mini Project.


  • 1. No prerequisites needed.
  • 2. Willingness to learn new technologies and apply it in real life.

Target Audience

  • 1. Beginners: Students who want to learn Web development and designing, they can start from scratch.
  • 2. Intermediate: Students who know the basics of HTML & CSS, can get their practice on advance HTML and CSS.