Leetcoding through Interview ( C++)


As we start our journey as  a competitive programmer it is important that we have our basics right, this course is just the right place to kick-start you  journey before the interview season.

Stuck at home? No problem! We get to solve lots of easy and medium Leetcode questions that are frequently asked in interviews. You will no longer have to search different sources to get answers to important topics and questions on Leetcode.

What Will I Learn?

  • Just the right time to solve good quantity/ quality of questions as the interview session is starting.
  • This course covers all frequently asked interview questions, and the correct way to approach it.
  • Most optimised approaches have been discussed

Topics for this course

43 Lessons7h


1470. Shuffle the Array3:29
(Q53) Maximum Subarray Sum, Kadanes Algorithm (LeetCode)8:18
Plus One | LeetCode | (66) | Beginners9:39
Minimum Value to Get Positive Step by Step Sum8:28
Duplicate elements | Leetcode | easy | (Q 217)7:48
Find Numbers with Even Number of Digits | LeetCode(1295) | easy | begineers6:30
1437. Check If All 1’s Are at Least Length K Places Away | Leetcode5:33
169. Majority Element || Moore’s Voting Algorithm || Interview Preparation10:35
1232. Check If It Is a Straight Line || Leetcode Easy | 30Days Challenge7:44
1441. Build an Array With Stack Operations9:41
1450. Number of Students Doing Homework at a Given Time3:13


Bit Manipulation

Two Pointer Approach

Linked List

Matrix Operation

DFS ( Depth First Search)

Priority Queue

MAPS | HashMap

Miscellaneous | medium Level

Set | Remove Duplicacy

Dynamic Programming

Binary Search

Sliding Window

Tree | binary Tree

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nice for interview prep. Useful solutions to imp. leetocode questions

Easy explanations. Waiting for intermediate questions course.


Material Includes

  • Finest Video Content | Explanation with diagrams wherever required


  • Basic idea of primary data structures such as array and string

Target Audience

  • People willing to give a kick-start to their comptetive programming journey and those getting into the placement season