Learn React and Flask by building a Project


Learn to build a simple project using ReactJs, one of the most popular and efficient JavaScript front end libraries, powered by a robust Python Backend web framework-Flask
This course incorporates the latest web technologies, focusing on current techniques and tools in React including React Hooks, Material UI combining it all with Flask Backend.

What will we be building?

A user form made with Material-UI(bootstrap for React), a popular React UI framework, including Client side validation, along with interaction with server(Flask) for storing the user details in a database, using various Flask extensions.

Concepts Involved


1. Introduction to JSX and ES-6.
2. Functional components
3. Parent-Child Components
4. React Hooks ( useState )
5. Sending request to server


1. Introduction to Flask
2. Intro to ORM for querying
3. Returning response to request

What Will I Learn?

  • 1. Understand the working of Web Applications
  • 2. Build fast Web apps
  • 3. Add top skills to Resume

Topics for this course

15 Lessons2h 30m

Introduction to React

Why React?2:33
Installation of React2:15

Getting started with React

React Forms

Introduction to Flask

About the instructors

I'm a prefinal student of B.Tech in Computer Science at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women. I started my journey working with Pragoshala program-Teach for India initiative, as a Teaching fellow to mentor school kids,teaching them fundamentals of science and Robotics.I'm an enthusiastic Programmer with a strong urge to learn something new everyday. Recently I got an opportunity to be a part of WooTech Mentorship Program as a Mentee and currently have an intership offer from Microsoft.I'm hardworking and my desire for self improvement is what drives me forward.
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  • 1. Basic Familiarity with HTML and CSS
  • 2. Familiarity with ES6 JavaScript is helpful (not required)
  • 2. Familiarity with Basic concepts of Python will be appreciable

Target Audience

  • 1. Beginners in web development
  • 2. JavaScript / React developers looking to become familiar with Python web Framework
  • 3. Anyone with a passion for learning latest tools