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Starting your career in Android App Development this course will help you learn the fundamentals of Kotlin, Google’s preferred programming language for Android and build interesting applications. The course will cover the Android components, tools and technologies like multi-screen Navigation, Android Studio, Intents, Fragments, Widgets, Layout and Ionic to build modern applications. The course will enable you to use architectural techniques to build user-friendly and interactive applications.


What Will I Learn?

  • Have a good overview of the Java programming language
  • Install Android Studio and setup the environment
  • Debug an Android Application
  • Create a signed APK file to submit to the Google Play Store
  • Use Explicit and Implicit Intents
  • Make use of Fragments
  • Create a Custom List View
  • Create the Android Actionbar
  • Create a custom Toast
  • Use Shared Preferences, Files and SQLite
  • Use the AsyncTask class

Topics for this course

38 Lessons15h


Installing Android Studio
Overview of Android Studio

Android Tutorial

Android UI Widgets

Activity and Intents

Android Menu

Android storage

Android SQLite

Android JSON

Android Multimedia

Android Device

Android Camera Tutorial

Android Sensor Tutorial

Android Graphics Tutorial

Android Animation Tutorial

Android Web Services

Android Google Map Tutorial


About the instructors

I am Geetika Keim, a pre-final year student in IT from GGSIPU. Delhi Police Hackathon winner. Intern at intellify as an android developer. Teaching assistant at Notchup. Working in various communities as a Mentor in Google Tech Makers and Women Who Code. An android development enthusiast and a programmer who is always willing to learn and work across various technologies. The importance of learning to work with other developers when I cannot be overstated. It’s very, very important to always looking forward to learn something about new and mater it.I always want to learn all new things in which i'm interested.
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Excellent materials to learn... !

Excellence way if teaching. Things r simplified and are made easy to learn


Material Includes

  • Course contents
  • Quizzes


  • Have a good overview of the Java programming language.

Target Audience

  • Beginners