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You have some programming experience and now want to take your skills to a new level? Learning algorithms and mastering algorithmic thinking is by far the most effective way of rapidly improving as a developer and problems solver.
You will learn the most interesting and useful algorithms in this course. For each algorithm or topic, I have given a concise explanation, example and implementation outline. Then it’s your turn to apply the new learned algorithm to solve real problems. For that, I hand-picked some practice coding questions and quizzes. When you struggle with an issue and need help, leave your doubts in the question/answer forum and I will answer your problems.


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What Will I Learn?

  • -Learns to think the solution in a simplified and optimized manner
  • -Develops the ability to write code of tough problems of Graph
  • -Learns to pass edge cases involving the use of modulo properties
  • -Gain insights of Dynamic Programming
  • -Learns certain miscellaneous techniques to solve questions faster

Topics for this course

11 Lessons2h


Minimum Spanning Trees7:39
Dijkstra Algorithm16:43
Must Solve Practise Questions
Graphs Quiz


Dynamic Programming




About the instructors

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A well explained course. Great for revision of all topics before interviews

Great Course

Absolutely loved it!

So far it is an amazing learning experience

nice explanations of important algos

good course with proper explanation and implementation of code.

A great course for quick revision. Instructor knows the concept well.
In the middle of it and liking it till now


Material Includes

  • Catalan Number
  • Graphs (DFS, BFS, Dijkstra, Krukshal, Prim)
  • DP (LIS, LCS)
  • Modulo Properties
  • Kadane Algorithm


  • -Write code while watching the videos.
  • -Note down the key points of the algorithms in notepad to revise later.
  • -Think and search for more ways to solve the same problem.
  • -Practice Practice and Practice. Its the only key.

Target Audience

  • -Beginners - who are eager to learn advance Data Structures
  • -Intermediate Level Coders - who already know the basics and want to increase rating on websites.
  • -Students who want to revise their concepts for interviews