Enriching lives through learning

UAceIt was started with a vision to facilitate detailed, enriching and most importantly economical learning. Students all over the globe are burdened by tuition fees and other expenses. We firmly believe that learning shouldn’t come at the cost of burning a hole in your pocket. UAceIt delivers a hearty opportunity for anyone to learn a new skill, polish one’s concepts or simply study a core subject.

Another crucial factor that motivated us was to create a more inclusive learning environment by bringing women to the forefront. The wave of revolution with regards women in leadership roles has been phenomenal yet the learning sphere lacks this vibrancy. Our research further made us aware of the meek percentage of women instructors on most learning platforms. Our portal not only embraces all genders to function in harmony but also motivates peer to peer education.


At UAceIt, We empower:


Get inspired.
Learn new skills.
Enhance Knowledge


Share expertise.
Earn money.
Make an impact.